Friday, 30 April 2010

Wedding Blues Folksy Friday

This weeks Folksy friday is wedding Blues. I adore the colours blue and green so next week will be green weddings. If you have anything suitable please email me otherwise I will go looking and see what wonderful gems I can find.

Now for the blues.

To start we have this gorgeous Petrol Blue Organza Flower Corsage by Tamsyn Amber

Embroidered peacock coloured clutch by Christina Tay Designs

Swarovski Embellished Boxed Handmade Wedding Card by Jenni Mac

Ivory and blue silk dress by Michelle Samuels Design

Sapphire Pure Silk Satin One Shoulder Ruffles Asymmetric Full Length Maxi Dress Grecian Gown by Fashion Couture.

Floral Full Circle Tea Dress by Rose and Anchor, perfect for mother of the bride with a little jacket.

Oh I love all of them.

And many thanks to EvaBDesigns, Diomoglass and CardMakingPrincess for featuring my bouquets in their Folksy Fridays. Its the first time Ive been Featured, and thrice in one week.

Check out their blogs here

Wedding Blues Folksy Friday.

Folksy Friday today is wedding blues. I adore anything in blues or greens, so next week will be doing green weddings, if anyone has any suggestions/links that they want me to look at please contact me.

But back to beautiful blues.

First item is this Embroidered peacock coloured clutch by Christina Tay Designs.

Petrol Blue Organza Flower Corsage by Tamsyn Amber

Swarovski Embellished Boxed Handmade Wedding Card

And now for the dresses. All of them very beautiful.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Monochrome Bouquet

I have finally finished it! This bouquet has been half finished for months. Originally I was intending to make one large flower, with buttons at the centre and individual black and white petals around the outside, but once made, I wasnt sure about it. So I walked away and left it for a while, came back to it a few days ago, and started thinking about lace flowers. Had a little play, and this is the result.

Yesterday JewelBox, on folksy, was talking about getting hold of some seaglass, and that started me thing about a seaglass bouquet. Could be beautiful, but could also take me years to find enough seaglass to do it. Would be good exercise though, so think I will start looking. Thanks for the idea Jewelbox, and if I find loads, I promise to send you some.

I think the next project will possibly be a burlesque style bouquet. I love the look of burlesque, shame I dont have the figure or money for it.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

WIP Crochet Lily Bouquet.

Hmmm, not really sure where Im going with this one. Its not turned out how I imagined. Its currently sat on my computer desk staring at me. Now this morning, I wasnt sure that I liked it, but now the sun has hit it, it looks different, and I think I do like it. But its smaller than I thought it would be.

Now the question is, do I continue and finish it?

Do I scrap it and give up on the whole idea of crochet wire?

Or do I scrap it and try again with a stronger gauge wire, hoping that I can make bigger petals, and they will hold the shape better?

Or maybe just a different colour wire, or organza?

Questions, questions?:)

On a lighter note the table that its sat on was painted by my kids! They have spent the last few days sanding and painting two old side tables. I think they did quite a good job. Im quite proud of them, despite the mess that they left. (son refused to be photographed, but you can see his arm.)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

New pics.

As the sun is out I thought I would take some new photos of my bouquets, as Ive had some feed back that the ones Im currently displaying are a little dark.

Pretty in Pink

Tutti Frutti Button Bouquet

Single Swarovski Daisy Bouquet

Swarovski Daisy Wand

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Folksy Friday, Lillies.

Folksy Friday this week is all about lillies, in my opinion, the most beautiful flower in the world. I adore lillies, particularly white ones, if anyones thinking of sending me any.:)

Now I typed the word lily into folksy and chose from the 17 pages displayed.
We have two offerings of stained glass. The first, is Sunburst Lily Stained Glass Panel from the amazingly talented amyorangejuice.

Ive featured her stained glass bunting in a previous Folksy Friday.

The next is a gorgeous White Lily in a Frame Sun Catcher, by Joys of Glass

Now onto jewellery. I love both of the next items. This handmade Sterling Silver Lily Ring by Bbel is beautiful, the petals were individually shaped by hand.

And this gorgeous hammered Water Lily pendant, by Quercus Silver would look great

Moving on to paintings. These are absolutely wonderful and I dont honestly think that I could pick a favorite from them. Im just going to list them, because I know absolutely nothing about art, so I cant discuss them intellectually, I'd just end up looking really stupid. But I know what I like and I like these.:)

Consider the Lillies of the Field by catsalter artist.

Lily Painting, by Little Shop of Monsters

Pink Lillies by Sia Art

Im currently working on a crochet wire lily wedding bouquet, and hoping to blog about that with pictures of the finished bouquet (including pictures of the mistakes)over the weekend.

Poppy Sparkles had a great idea of a Wedding Wednesday, which Im hoping to join in with, so if you have any themes that you'd like me to cover, let me know.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Folksy Friday, Bags, Bags, Bags!

Focussing on bags today. I constantly look at bags on folksy and love so many of them, and as I am thinking of using some vintage patterns to make bridal bags, I thought today should be bags day, and I have a wonderful selection for you to choose from.

First up is this gorgeous chocolate and lime creation from Not Just Handbags, made from green gauze and brown suedette fabric.

Oh I love this next one, Tree of life tote/shopper by Jak Winter Designs, it would make even a trip to Tescos pleasurable.

How can I possibly carry on with my life without this Vintage inspired bird bag by Lonely Hearts in it?

The next delight we have on offer is this Shabby Chic shoulder bag, by Trash Chic. Gorgeous! I want that too.

Now this next designer has a lot to answer for, I covet every single one of her designs. Its her fault that Im not satisfied in life. I need to own every single one of her designs! Including this Berry reversible bag, by Pidgeon Stitch.

What can I say about Clutterbux, she takes army surplus satchels and turns them into wonderful creations such as this Black Satchel with Purple Daisy Design. Fabulous, and so talented. I adore the lillies bag that she has painted, but Im not going to show you that one, because I cant bare the thought that someone else may buy it.

And last but certainly not least, these gorgeous corduroy lunch bags by Minxtures, would make a working lunch at your desk a special event.

I think you will agree, that its only right that I should own every bag listed on this page.

Oh, I cant believe I forgot to include Bodkin and Bead. Just look at this bag. Amazing.

But sadly, for you lot, this bag is already in my possession!Mwahahahahaha. So I will offer you another of her delights, this embroidered fabric handbag

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Pretty in Pink Bouquet

Ive finally managed to get one of the fabric bouquets finished! Woohoo! Ive been working on the idea for quite a while, and originall started work on a black and white one, which I have yet to finish. But half way through that one I got the idea for this one.

Its been made and taken apart a number of times, because I wasnt happy with how it looked. Various items have been added, then removed and reshaped and added again, until I finally got something that I was happy with. So its taken me a while to get to this point.

The bouquet consists of swarovski AB crystals and pearls, organza and glittered tulle, with a very discreetly placed blue button for the something blue.

As for the black and white one Im hoping it will be available soon, but Im having a but of trouble getting some of the items that I need to get it finished.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Summer Weddings and Lazy Days

After a few beautiful days I thought summer was on its way, or we would at least get a good Easter. Doesnt look like that is the case though, its been a pretty awful end to the week, particularly for Scotland and Ireland.
So Im basing Folksy Friday on summer, and sticking to the wedding theme, I thought about pretty things hanging from trees in a beautiful summer garden.

Firstly the stunning Stained Glass Bunting by AmyOrangeJuice. Imagine that blowing in the breeze and catching the light.

Then these pretty Hanging Hearts trimmed with Vintage Lace, by Dottie Bees.

Its actually quite amazing that I love this Pretty Felt Hanging by buttercup boutique, because I have a massive butterfly phobia, and tend to avoid anything that is remotely connected to them. But this was just too good to pass over.

Last but certainly not least, this Hanging Love Bird by Felt Fancies.

Im hoping that with the long weekend, I might be able to get one, if not two wedding bouquets listed. Both have been started, but not quite finished, so Im going to get motivated and moving this weekend. Will put some pictures up once Ive got them done.