Saturday, 3 April 2010

Pretty in Pink Bouquet

Ive finally managed to get one of the fabric bouquets finished! Woohoo! Ive been working on the idea for quite a while, and originall started work on a black and white one, which I have yet to finish. But half way through that one I got the idea for this one.

Its been made and taken apart a number of times, because I wasnt happy with how it looked. Various items have been added, then removed and reshaped and added again, until I finally got something that I was happy with. So its taken me a while to get to this point.

The bouquet consists of swarovski AB crystals and pearls, organza and glittered tulle, with a very discreetly placed blue button for the something blue.

As for the black and white one Im hoping it will be available soon, but Im having a but of trouble getting some of the items that I need to get it finished.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, kind of wish I was getting married again just so's I could have one of these!
    Max x

  2. So pretty, I would love something like this when I get married, perhaps in a cream/ivory colour x

  3. I can do that Owl.:)
    Thanks Maxine