Monday, 22 November 2010

Wedding Giveaway

After months of planning and discussing, the wedding giveaway is now LIVE. A group of Folksy sellers have joined together for the giveaway and it is being hosted by Inspired Celebration. Please click on the giveaway link to your right to enter. The draw will be held on 14.02.11, and you can enter for as many of the prizes as you want. Terms and conditions apply.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Weekend Showcase - Gothic Wedding

Hi, Im doing a weekend showcase this week, rather than a folksy friday, because I attempted the treasury for the folksy friday twice, it didnt work, and I got so fed up that I had to walk away from it. So here goes the third attempt! :)

Im going to focus on gothic items this week. Im currently completing an order for bridal, and bridesmaids bouquets, similar to this,

but more red and black, and it had a definant gothic feel to it.

Blue Agapanthus Michelle Samuels Design
Michelle Samuels Design . . .
Dottie Designs TataniaRosa

1. Blue Agapanthus - Gothic Wedding Ring Pillow - Bridal Cushion
2. Michelle Samuels Design - Full-length black velvet coat with matching ostrich feather detailing
3. Michelle Samuels Design - Black raw silk skirt, bodice and shrug jacket
4. Silver Salamander - Gothic Black Rose Choker & Earrings Set
5. Dottie Designs - Gothic Black Wedding Photo Album
6. TataniaRosa - Necklace - Katherine

Also I need to give an update on the Folksy Wedding Giveaway. It is to be hosted on the Inspired Celebration blog, click on the link on the right, and hopefully will be available to enter within the next week.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Sorry there will be no folksy friday this week. I have had 2 attempts at doing a treasury, and both times Ive managed to muck it up, so I give up for this week. It was going to be on gothic wedding items. I may have another go, and do a large showcase sunday, but Im certainly not going to get it done for a Folksy Friday!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wedding Favours - Folksy Friday

Wedding favours are often difficult to choose. They need to fit with the theme of the wedding but the cost has to be right too. Folksy has some lovely wedding favours, and if you cant find anything that matches your colour theme, it may be worth sending an email to the seller who may be able to provide favours in your colours. The favours that Im featuring today are all £3.50 or under, per item.

FairfieldGardens FairfieldGardens
Diomo Glass Just Bev Angelic Soaps
Butterflies - Chocolate Favours One stop pamper shop

1. Love Potions-Fairfield Gardens
2. Bath Powder-Fairfield Gardens
3. Glass Nugget Daisy Sun Catcher-Diomo Glass
4. Ice Cream Soap-Just Bev Angelic Soaps
5. Childrens Favours-Butterflies - Chocolate Favours
6. 48 Wedding Voltive Candles in Glasses-One stop pamper shop