Sunday, 18 April 2010

WIP Crochet Lily Bouquet.

Hmmm, not really sure where Im going with this one. Its not turned out how I imagined. Its currently sat on my computer desk staring at me. Now this morning, I wasnt sure that I liked it, but now the sun has hit it, it looks different, and I think I do like it. But its smaller than I thought it would be.

Now the question is, do I continue and finish it?

Do I scrap it and give up on the whole idea of crochet wire?

Or do I scrap it and try again with a stronger gauge wire, hoping that I can make bigger petals, and they will hold the shape better?

Or maybe just a different colour wire, or organza?

Questions, questions?:)

On a lighter note the table that its sat on was painted by my kids! They have spent the last few days sanding and painting two old side tables. I think they did quite a good job. Im quite proud of them, despite the mess that they left. (son refused to be photographed, but you can see his arm.)

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