Saturday, 24 April 2010

Monochrome Bouquet

I have finally finished it! This bouquet has been half finished for months. Originally I was intending to make one large flower, with buttons at the centre and individual black and white petals around the outside, but once made, I wasnt sure about it. So I walked away and left it for a while, came back to it a few days ago, and started thinking about lace flowers. Had a little play, and this is the result.

Yesterday JewelBox, on folksy, was talking about getting hold of some seaglass, and that started me thing about a seaglass bouquet. Could be beautiful, but could also take me years to find enough seaglass to do it. Would be good exercise though, so think I will start looking. Thanks for the idea Jewelbox, and if I find loads, I promise to send you some.

I think the next project will possibly be a burlesque style bouquet. I love the look of burlesque, shame I dont have the figure or money for it.

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