Friday, 9 April 2010

Folksy Friday, Bags, Bags, Bags!

Focussing on bags today. I constantly look at bags on folksy and love so many of them, and as I am thinking of using some vintage patterns to make bridal bags, I thought today should be bags day, and I have a wonderful selection for you to choose from.

First up is this gorgeous chocolate and lime creation from Not Just Handbags, made from green gauze and brown suedette fabric.

Oh I love this next one, Tree of life tote/shopper by Jak Winter Designs, it would make even a trip to Tescos pleasurable.

How can I possibly carry on with my life without this Vintage inspired bird bag by Lonely Hearts in it?

The next delight we have on offer is this Shabby Chic shoulder bag, by Trash Chic. Gorgeous! I want that too.

Now this next designer has a lot to answer for, I covet every single one of her designs. Its her fault that Im not satisfied in life. I need to own every single one of her designs! Including this Berry reversible bag, by Pidgeon Stitch.

What can I say about Clutterbux, she takes army surplus satchels and turns them into wonderful creations such as this Black Satchel with Purple Daisy Design. Fabulous, and so talented. I adore the lillies bag that she has painted, but Im not going to show you that one, because I cant bare the thought that someone else may buy it.

And last but certainly not least, these gorgeous corduroy lunch bags by Minxtures, would make a working lunch at your desk a special event.

I think you will agree, that its only right that I should own every bag listed on this page.

Oh, I cant believe I forgot to include Bodkin and Bead. Just look at this bag. Amazing.

But sadly, for you lot, this bag is already in my possession!Mwahahahahaha. So I will offer you another of her delights, this embroidered fabric handbag


  1. Lovely choice - I particularly like the bird bag!

  2. Great picks! Love the bag by Trash chic, very cute! x

  3. that's one of my weaknesses! love bags, pidgeon stitch make fab ones :0)

  4. Ooooh, there are so many nice bags on Folksy. I LOVE that tree one! Great choice x

  5. Oooooo ahhhh!!! I love the first 2 bags.

  6. Thanks Tanya for featuring my bag, I might become a legend in my own lunchtime yet,lol! I've mentioned it on my blog today and linked back to you. Hope you have a great weekend and just love the button posy.
    Jak x

  7. So many different designs - what a lot of clever folk. The embroidered one is beautiful.

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my bag. i love the embroided blue one (that you already own) its gorgeous. x

  9. Completely spoilt for choice, I just can't pick a favourite. Must do the lottery tomorrow:)