Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stalking - Folksy Friday.

I apologise in advance. Occasionally I love a folksy designer so much that I am unable to pick just one item from their shop to feature. So the whole folksy friday is dedicated to that one shop. Today is one of those days. I have told this designer that I stalk her shop, and if I had the money, figure, and places to go, I would buy all of her stock. I adore her designs. Its a bit of a girl crush thing. :) So if you are looking for a winter coat, or a cocktail dress, for the christmas party season, you need to visit her shop.


Fashion Couture Fashion Couture
Fashion Couture   Fashion Couture
Fashion Couture Fashion Couture

Click on the photos to be taken to the shop.

If Im being honest, I had trouble picking those 6 items, and could have done another 6 quite easily.
I apologise again, for doing a one designer Folksy Friday, I will try to stick to the rules for the next few months.:)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Table Centre Piece

This week we are looking at table centre pieces, doesnt have to be for a wedding, can be for any dinner party. The item that started me looking for centre pieces was the amazing snow fused glass bowl by Kumari Glass. I absolutely love it. But sadly its out of my price range and if it were in my house would probably be broken by a rugby ball, that just jumped out of my sons hands. :( Click on the photo to be taken to the sellers shop.

Kumari Glass Deelicious Deesign
The Cheshire Cat Bex by Design
Vintage Chic Marmalade Button

Melted Snow Fused Glass Bowl - Recycled - Kamuri Glass
Pale Blue Vintage Cake Stand - Deelicious Deesign
Hand Painted Glass Vase, Japenese Style Blossom Tree - The Cheshire Cat
Stunning butterfly vase - Bex by Design
The Caged Bird - Shabby Chic Bottle - Vintage Chic
Teacup Cake Stand - Marmalade Button

Friday, 8 October 2010

Folksy Friday-Tiaras.

I have to apologise, I have seriously neglected my blog over the last few weeks. Partly due to a rush bouquet order, and partly due to laziness on my part. Wont happen again (until the next time:)). This is my first Folksy Friday for a few weeks, so I decided to have a fresh look through the wedding catagory on Folksy, lots of gorgeous new listings, but today will concentrate on Tiaras. Click on the pictures to be taken to the sellers shop.

Goddess Bridal Accessories claires crystal classics
Lily Sparkles Butterfly Vintage
Daft Tart Designs With Love From Pearl

All totally Gorgeous.

Just a quick addit, re the Folksy Wedding Giveaway, We have possibly found a host, so will be able to provide more info, and links to the giveaway soon.