Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Wedding Day :)

I know I said that I would update yesterday, but the weekend was extremely busy, and I was shattered, still am. But it was also fabulous. The perfect wedding with tears and drunken fun.
Now to the dress. The posts below explain the build up, but I promised photos, so here we go. The dress was a veromia dress designed by the amazingly talented Jason Jennings, and is stunning. But my niece didnt want a train and wanted the train used to make ruffles at the back of the dress, to make it more like the front.

This was how the dress maker interpreted "ruffles down the back please"

Not right! So this was unpicked, and the shop assistant had one attempt at it, and then asked us to leave the changing room, so her daughters future mother in law could try on an outfit, saying "you know what she wants, you do it", and left us to it.  Please keep in mind that at this point the wedding was a week away! This was what me and my sister came up with in a few minutes.

So the dress maker attended and said that couldnt be done, and came up with this.

By this time my niece was so fed up she agreed to it, left. After sleeping on it, by this time it was Saturday, we both decided that it wasnt right and rang the dressmaker to ask her to stop, but couldnt get an answer. We finally got the dress back on Tuesday, most of the alterations had been done, and as we (me and my sister) were unsure if we were going to have to sew the dress we decided to leave them, and they had taken care of most of the train. We spent a coupleof hours on Tuesday evening pinning the dress into ruffles, and it looked quite good. I dont have the pics of that as they are on my nieces camera, sorry.
So the following day my sister took the dress to the Haberdashery shop in Dover, to speak to the woman who had said that she may be able to help, at this point we were unsure if she could do the whole thing, or just finish off the train, once it had been ruffled. She took one look at the dress and said that she knew exactly what it needed, but she would have to take out what the previous dressmaker had done, because that type of stitching didnt belong on a wedding dress.
The woman was amazing! We all love her so much for what she did. The dress was perfect, better than we ever imagined.

Totally gorgeous.

The bride and groom.

The wedding party, a few flower girls are absent, I think they were off playing.
The whole wedding was perfect.
Congratulations to Matt and Becky, love you loads.xx

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  1. Amazing how dreadful it was at first, and how lovely it was in the end!