Friday, 24 June 2011

More Wedding Pics

Im having a few problems with the blog since I changed it to BlueButtonBride, so sorry for the delay. But here are a few more pics, including table decs and handmade invites etc. Are you ready? Cos there are loads of them.:)
The invites were done in an efficient production line of me, the bride, my sister and my mum.

Usher and bridesmaid

Centre pieces

Those pressies look beautiful. I wonder who wrapped them? ;)

Top table

Sweetie table, huge success. It was refilled many times.


The doves wouldnt fly!

Little madam!

The best man has started partying already.

Pageboy up a tree.

Groom with a very drunk chief bridesmaid, and his new sister in law.
Just need to marry her off now, but Im not sure if anyone would have her! ;)

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