Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy Dress Update!

Yay! I have good news.
I woke really early today, so thought I would give you a quick update on my nieces wedding dress. We got the dress back on Tuesday, and the shop owner was a rude and dismissive as she had been on previous occasions. When we unwrapped the dress, we noticed that most of the alterations had been done and looked alright(ish) but nothing special. (the photos of that bit are on nieces camera, so will have to ask her to send me them) So we decided to leave the alterations in, as they had taken up alot of the train and we could work around them. The next 1 1/2 hours was spent pinning the dress, and we managed to achieve a look that we all really liked.
On Wednesday my sister took the dress to the little local Haberdashery shop in Dover. She had spoken to the owner on Monday, and she had offered to help, saying that she always keeps a couple of slots free for emergencies, and if she could do the job she would. The dressmaker spent some time looking at it, and said that she knew exactly the look at we had tried to achieve, but had to take out what had been done by the previous dress maker, as it belonged on a curtain, not a wedding dress. The dress was left in her hands, and many fingers were crossed!
She spent wednesday night unpicking and repinning the dress, and yesterday the bride went to try it on. She is over the moon! She says that she never imagined it could look that good, and has fallen in love with her dress all over again. :) My sister said that she cried with relief that someone had actually listened and understood what she wanted. The wonderful dressmaker is now spending the next 2 days completing the dress for her to walk up the ailse on Sunday.
I now cant wait to dress her on Sunday, it was a job that I was dreading doing a few days ago, but Im really looking forward to it now.
Pictures to follow on Monday, and if anyone wants to know the names of the two shops involved Im happy to tell you in a private email.

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  1. I can't believe the attitude of the bridal shop - how do they stay in business? Glad it's all looking promising for your niece!