Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wedding Dress Nightmare Update.

So the decision has been made! The seamstress has been stopped half way through her alteration design, and we are getting the dress back today. The plan for this evening, it to try a few different ways of achieving the look that she wants, it can be done, because we did it in the shop with pins, and the alterations are going to be done by my sister and myself, with a different seamstress, and a grandmother on standby for sewing up the train once we've finished.
I know this seems like a mad idea, but even if it means that we dont sleep between now and the wedding, she will get the dress that she wants!
Pictures to follow on Monday after the wedding. I will put up all of the pics so you can see the original look, the two options that the seamstress said were the only ways that it could be done, and the final look that we will achieve (fingers crossed) Wish us luck, I have a feeling that we may need it.

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  1. Good luck - what a hassle you have had, I can't believe the indifference shown towards you by some of the shop assistants! When my daughter married we were on a very very low budget and bought a really simple regular (non wedding) dress which I then smartened up with cheap strings of pearls and lots of lovely chiffon.
    I'm sure you'll do a lovely job and she will be a fabulous bride!