Saturday, 17 September 2011

1st week on Etsy.

Im still finding my way around Etsy and I must admit its slightly overwhelming. I have joined a few teams, mostly UK sellers, who have all been lovely, particularly the SHHIM team, although I have just noticed that the name has changed to crafy folk This is where alot of the sellers from Folksy are, so I do know quite a few of them, but over the week we have been joined by a few American sellers which is wonderful.
The team is run by the lovely Lillys Night Garden assisted by Flonightingales and Squintessentials Hopefully we will continue to get talented makers and build the team.
A quick sample of the variety of talent on offer.

Think I may have to try the pomegranate soap.

Id also like to do a quick promotion for a friend of mine Quirky Jen, an amazing photographer, check out her facebook page.!/quirkyjenphotos    She also does weddings.
And good luck to one of my brides, Katie who is getting married this weekend.


  1. Beautiful items! That soap looks amazing!! Thanks for joining the team, hopefully we can all help each other find our way around Etsy, its so big!

  2. Going to say thanks as well! Love seeing whatyou come up with :)
    Wow that picture is gorgeous.