Friday, 4 June 2010

Folksy Friday-Bunting.

The sun is out, so its time for those garden parties. Bring out the bunting.

Six metres of mini bunting by Birgitta Designs

Sea Breeze Cotton Bunting by Hollie Lollie

Paper Shakespearian garland - hearts by Bookity

Button Flower Bunting / Garland by 100 Percent Delicate

Red Bunting by Edith Gray.

And last but certainly not least, the amazing Stripey Stained Glass Bunting, by Amy OrangeJuice.


  1. Amy's bunting is amazing - I used an image of that on the folksy blog - such a great idea to make it out of stained glass

  2. thank your the nice comments and putting me on your lovely blog! I do seem to spend lots of time making stripey triangles these days!

  3. Really indictive of Summer time, parties and being British! Bunting always makes me feel nostalgic! Great to see it making a come back!

    I love the colours in the Sea Breeze bunting, and the heart and flower bunting is a cute twist, adore Amy's glass bunting, that would stay up all year round!!!!

    Natalie x

  4. I love the colours on the sea breeze bunting too.

  5. I love all the bunting but the glass bunting is gorgeous and I love Bookity's paper bunting

  6. I love the Sea Breeze bunting too, the colours are so fresh :) As for Amy's glass bunting, gorgeous, such a great and effective idea, love it!

  7. They're all lovely but my fave has to be Amy's glass bunting. x

  8. Thanks for featuring my bunting so kind of you and really made my day, I also love Amy's glass bunting and ordered one in blues for my mam's birthday its even more stunning when you see it in the flesh :o) xxb

  9. Great bunting. Love the hearts and glass one especially