Thursday, 3 June 2010

All change at Blue Button.

While Ive been off work with a bad back, and walking like a pregnant duck, Ive been on a bit of a crochet frenzy, cos it was pretty much all I could do. But I then had the dilemma of how I was going to list the items, cos they dont really fit with the bouquet theme. So I have moved the bouquets to, and the Blue Button shop will now contain my crochet creations.
Ive listed some pretty little sun hats, although the turquoise one has already been nabbed by my friend, for her gorgeous daughter, but I can do a custom order.

I love these brooches, I think they have a real vintage feel to them, but would love some feedback regarding whether anyone else likes them. I am planning a give away in the next week, and will be giving away one of these, the winner can choose which one. So keep a look out for details if you like them.

And scrunchies. The blue and white ones will not be made again (unless ordered) cos they took far longer than anticipated to make.

I will be going back to work next week, so production will probably slow a little:) I dont really want to go back to work, but back is now getting better, and sadly crocheting or the bouquets wont keep a roof over my head, or feed the kids:(

Will keep you posted on the giveaway

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