Saturday, 29 January 2011

Blue Button Brides Birthday!

Its Blue Button Brides Birthday! On 31.01.11,it will be one year since I opened my Folksy shop. When I started this, I was aware that it was never going to make me a millionaire, and I would probably still have to keep the day job (psychiatric nursing) until I retired. I was also aware that it may never take off at all, so I decided to give myself one year and after that would make a decision regarding whether to continue or not.

What have I decided?

The first few months, the shop got very few views, and no interest/enquiries at all. I almost considered giving up then. I would look around at the amazing amount of talent, and wonder how I could possibly compete with them. Then came my first order.

Eva ordered my Tutti Frutti Bouquet. The bouquet had been made up a few months before, so I took it apart, cleaned it all and put it back together. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day.

Evas order gave me the boost I needed to continue. But again a couple of months went by with no interest.

Then I got my first bespoke order. Karen wanted a monchrome bouquet, I spent ages looking for the right buttons to fit her requirements, and this was the result. Again another gorgeous bride

Following on from Karens order was Nicolas and Kerrys orders, and two other orders that Im afraid I cant show yet, they are finished, but without permission from the brides, I wont show any pictures before their weddings.
And Viks bouquet that is being sent out today.

So thats seven orders in a year. Not many in the big scheme of things. So the question remains, Do I continue?

I can quite honestly say that I have learnt so much in the last year, I can also say I have experience high pressure and stress. Nicola and Kerry ordered bouquets very late, and I only had a couple of weeks to order the buttons, make them, and send them. Kerrys was sent 3 days before the wedding! I was panicking slightly.

I have loved every minute of it. I have worked with some wonderful brides, chatted to some amazing people.

Big thankyou at this point to Natalie From Madelaine Isaac James and Alison From Plans and Presents for there recent advice and help regarding my nieces wedding dress issue. If I hadnt started Blue Button Bride, I wouldnt have had access to their wisdom and knowledge. Lovely women.

Also a big thankyou to all those I have chatted with and got to know over the past year, for the little (and big) tips and advice, I would have been lost without the folksy forum.

So again back to the question, Do I continue?

I already have 4 orders for the next financial year, and a few more enquiries. So yes I will continue for another year, and see what the future brings. :)

But please brides, try and give me a little bit of notice, I dont think my heart will take the stress of receiving an order 2 weeks before the wedding. x


  1. Great post :o) Your stuff is lovely and unique which is a bit of a rarity! I am sure that your business will grow and grow.

    Dottie x

  2. Thanks Dottie.

    Ive just got an order for 2012, so it looks like Im booking for next year too! :)

  3. Eeek! Please don't give up! I know it sounds really bad, but I was waiting until I found out whether (unlikely) I had won the competition, but if I don't I'd really like to order a brides bouquet, a bridesmaids bouquet and some buttonholes from you for September.

    I shall have a heart attack if you stop before then!!

  4. Thats fine, wait until the comp is drawn, you have as good a chance as everyone else. Fingers crossed for you. x

  5. I'm not getting married until 2013 but have already bookmarked your page as a button bouquet and buttonholes are about the only things I HAVE decided on, so I really hope this year's a good one for you x x

  6. Hi Kate, I probably will still be going in 2013, Ive had quite a few orders in the last few months, so things are really picking up.
    I also need to spend more time on this blog, its seriously neglected.