Friday, 25 June 2010

June Loons Folksy Friday.

I have failed miserably with the june loons listing challenge. It started well, but the last 10 days, Ive only listed maybe 2 items. Well done to all the others that have managed it, and well done to all on the sales tally. As ever Natalie is amazing and I am in awe of her. So heres a little, totally random, selection from the last few days.

Daisy Locket by Mary Elliot

Naughtical Weave Necklace by Mirribeads

Personalised Note Book by Made With Love X

Circles cute little coin purse by Moody Cow Designs


  1. Lovely choices, and don't fret over not listing every day, you did really well to make and list as many as you could, so be proud of yourself and keep up the good work!

    Max x

  2. Great selection, love that daisy locket. I'm not sure if I will make it to the end of June!

  3. I love that little coin purse. Great choices.

  4. Hey now don't beat yourself up about not listing every day .........the one thing I have found is that the challenge has really focused my mind on what I want to do and I haven't listed every day ,i have missed a few and gave up trying to catch up,remember the first reason we all craft is because we love doing it if it becomes a chore there is no point so chill and enjoy xxx thank you soo much for putting my cute little purse in your blog ,I love all your choices although as a serial list amker the notebook is for me !!!
    Trish xx

  5. Loving the coin purse!! Fab picks!


  6. Ditto on what the others have said re posting every day. I love Trish's little purse

  7. Thanks for featuring my daisy locket! It's quite difficult to list every day so don't worry :)

  8. Great choices, the personalised notebook is so cute! x

  9. Thankyou for listing my notebook. It is really hard to list every day so don't worry.
    Have a fun weekend.
    Rachael xx

  10. I think you have done very well, and that we all support each other! Almost at the end of June!!!!!

    Love the nautical necklace and my children call me a yummy muumy when they are after something, which is quite often!

    Natalie x